So this song does not need to be played during the blog but it is the group I am recommending to you to check out if you haven’t already, Phoenix.  I want to thank Lauren for introducing me to the remix album which this song is on.

Last night I am 100 % sure that I was killed in my dream……I am still here though.  I was being chased by a guy with an M-16, I was looking for some kind of weapon.  There were no weapons around, a ton of nuclear weapons were recently launched into the sky, a meteor like object fell from the sky very close to me.  I was definitely in a fubar situation.  He approached me, put the barrel of the gun up to my head and pulled the trigger.

Was I scared?

Kind of…….I was fully aware of myself in this dream,  so I would say that some of the rational thought that I possess was with me in my dream.  For some reason though, I was kind of at peace with myself in life, so I just said “Oh fuck, ok…. I am going to die”,  I did not cry or beg for my life at all, and then I got shot in the head.  This shot to the head that happened last night in my dream did not kill me in real life, I am ok.  Why have some people believed that throughout life, that if you die in your dream then you will die in real life?  This is not The Matrix (although I always wanted to have Neo like powers), and it definitley is not “A nightmare on Elm St.”……but what this is, is my blog where I guess even crazier shit than what Morpheus can show and tickle me with, is possible.

I used to have the occasional awful dream about my teeth in my late teens and early 20’s. Am I the only one?  I used to be biting down so hard in my dreams, that I would either shatter my teeth, or my teeth would fall out.  This became common enough for me, that in one instance of a dream I was self aware enough to put my finger in my mouth, and bite down on it, since I was tired of constantly losing my god damn teeth in my dreams.  Each morning after these unfortunate dreams, I would awake to a full set of teeth and would be quite relieved.  I was told that dreams like this obviously play significant role in terms to your life that you are living, and that something may be stressing you out.

I haven’t had any bad teeth dreams in about 6-7 years.  I also think that I enjoy the person that I have become from the age of 24 to the present, much more, than say 16 to 23.  I had some traumatic events happen in my life around the age of 23, which I think made me change a lot of my views on life. I know for the last 6-7 years I have been living my life as the person that I always should have been.  I really wish that I was always the way that I am now, but I understand that can’t happen.  I am sure that I am far from the first person to come to this rationalization.  In the future I will have stories dealing with the person that I am today totally judging the moron that I was in the past, and trying to understand what the fuck was wrong with me, and question what I was possibly thinking. That might mean, that I might look back 10 years from now and think that the guy who wrote this blog is a total stranger to me, but I hope not, because I do like who I am in the present and hope to hold onto this mentality that I have molded into.

Back to my dream of getting shot…… the head.   After I got shot, a ridiculously long amount of time elapsed for myself in an extremely short period of time.  Much like what happened to Gandalf the Grey, EXCEPT instead of him having to wait a ridiculously long amount of time, to which Gandalf experienced every second of, before being brought back life as Gandalf the White, I experienced a ridiculously long amount of time in an extremely short period of time. (this is a much more convenient way to be reborn….)

Also this was pretty fucking key having this fast forward option in my dream, since my R.E.M. cycle was probably ending soon, and I would soon go into a deep sleep, start a ridiculous snoring session, and probably be awoken by an extremely “affectionate” push, from my lovely girlfriend.

So, I was brought back to life after my ridiculously long amount of time in an extremely short period of time in my dream.  I was then thrown right back into the action of when I was killed.  I was aloud to try again in the situation of me being chased by a guy with an M-16,  with no weapons around, where a ton of nuclear weapons were recently launched into the sky, when a meteor like object fell from the sky very close to me. (Much like when you restart from a checkpoint in a videogame after dying, but the last time the game saved was right before an awful almost unbeatable part of the game)  I was definitely in a fubar situation…….again.  But this time I didn’t give a fuck at all about all the crazy shit that was going on around me.  Life was good, in the middle of a nuclear disaster, in the middle of a gun chase where I had no gun, where a meteor like object fell very close to me.

I think this is why Gandalf was so calm in such extreme situations of war and disaster.  He could be betrayed by his superior, then spend years fighting off countless goblins, orcs, uruk-hai, or cave trolls. Regardless of how awful the situation he was in, the ONLY time he ever raised his voice, was because either a human or a hobbit was acting like a fucking idiot.  (There are exceptions to this like when he screams “YOU…… SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!” to the Balrog right before his first death, but I do not count this situation since I believe that he was just pissed off about the inevetable change he was about to make from a pot smoking lower level grey wizard of wisdom, into a straight edge higher ranking more responsible white wizard)

He knew death was not a concern or something to worry about in times of war, but dealing with morons and idiots was a major concern to him, especially without the weed, that he once smoked in order to deal with such people.

I am going to try to be a better person based on the dreams that I am experiencing.  So my new resolution after this dream is to be more white wizard like in the situations I experience in my life.  I am going to try to not yell anymore in scary or fucked up beyond all recognition situations, and only yell when it is towards a human acting idiotic……..So, I guess from time to time I am still going to be yelling.

I understand if anyone thinks that I am odd or weird because of my witting, but I really am not this fucked up in everyday life, and I hope I am not perceived that way outside of my literary adventures.  It is primarily in my writing when I take it up to the next level, only on occasion do I get this deep when talking.  I hope that never in the future,  I am walking towards some people that I know, and they whisper to each other before I approach them….. “Watch out its Andy, he’s gonna be talking to us about the universe for the next fucking hour, pretend like you didn’t see him….”

On the other hand, people have gone out of their way to tell me that they enjoy reading my blog, so that makes me feel that I am at least presently not getting dodged by people who I am approaching to talk to.  I really appreciate all the responses I have been getting from people who read my blog.  Thank you for reading, there will be MUCH more to talk about.  The best favor in the world that you could do for me, if you enjoy my webpage, would be to show it to someone else that you think would also enjoy it.  It’s truly a hobby that I enjoy doing,  even if nothing ever comes from it more than people being entertained.

This is WhatAndrewMichaelsisdoingnow, dying in a dream while in a total fubar situation only to be reborn right in the middle of the same situation but being ok with it, discussing my prior unhappiness in life through the use of bad teeth dreams,  expressing how I am happy today with who I have become in life, and then hoping that people will always have a good time talking to me and that people never hope to make a quick escape from my conversation……just another typical day for AndrewMichaels the White I guess.

  1. Joanna says:

    Holy shit. I have that shattered teeth dream all the time and it scares the ever loving crap out of me. Scarier than creepy clown dolls and ax murderer dreams for sure!

  2. Meredith (Swigs) says:

    I thought I was the only one to have crumbling teeth dreams! Guess not! Let’s just blame school stress.

  3. Pete says:

    Keep this up Andrew! I really enjoyed the Karate Kid and LOST posts. Good work.

  4. Thank you Joanna, Meredith, and Pete……Counting my reply I am up to 4 pieces of evidence that shows that people presently read my blog. I appreciate all the responses. I am sorry that I am not the only one to have had awful teeth dreams, but on the other hand it makes me feel and seem a little less crazy being among others who have had this experience as well!

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