The terminators have alot of smartening up to do, but I don’t blame them…….

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Things that get me thinking
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The terminators have a lot of smartening up to do if they ever want to win the battle against the humans.  Don’t blame the terminators though, blame their mismanaged company which employs them, Skynet.   Skynet has had its virtual head up its virtual ass, since it has first became self aware.  Their poor administrative planning has lead to FOUR FAILED ATTEMPTS to kill one god damn person.

I have two strategies which I think could ultimately turn the tables in the battle against humanity.

  1. NO  MORE THROWING THEIR TARGETS…………Why do terminators insist on throwing the person they are trying to terminate? I have never understood why a KILLING MACHINE would give a person it was trying to kill, a chance to escape by tossing him or her across the room.  By throwing that person across the room as far as the terminator possibly can, it has effectively given that person the distance of that throw as a head start to escape, and in the best case scenario for the human, return to the battle with a large caliber or heavy artillery weapon to fire upon the terminator.  Upon grabbing the human target, the terminator should either punch straight through the torso, or snap the neck of the intended target…….  Terminators cannot self terminate, it should not be too hard to program them to not be capable of throwing their targets as well.
  2. TRAVEL FURTHER BACK IN TIME…………Skynet could also work on its strategic planning a little bit better.  Why go back in time to try to kill Sarah or John Conners, when the weaponry of the 80’s and 90’s were still capable, of at least slowing down the terminators?  I say that if I was in administrative control of Skynet, I would send the terminators back in time to kill John Conners’ great great great grandfather.  Weapons of that time did not have the stopping power, or the accuracy of the weapons of today, AND took much longer to load  (and we all know that reloading weapons while the terminator is walking straight towards you is already a bitch due to shakey hand syndrome.  Imagine having to pour gunpowder into your rifle to shoot a bullet at the terminator which will inevitably not cause any damage whatsoever on the terminator anyways…..)  Unless you had a cannon ready and loaded, I think that the terminator would have a much higher success rate of kills during the 1800’s .  BUT I feel that it must have been a pretty big fucking deal back in the day if you owned a cannon, and I doubt that John Conners’ great great great grandfather was privy to one.

This is WhatAndrewMichaelsisdoingnow, showing how a few slight changes in the management of a company could make all the difference in the world of humanity.


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