Ellen DeGeneres and my fondness for her hair in 1999….

Posted: January 11, 2010 in people I am inspired to be like in one way or another....
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Is it strange that I am the type of guy who got excited and saved a picture of Ellen DeGeneres from the internet, because I thought it was a good guideline for my what I want my haircut to look like upon completion?  If my hair gets too long,  trying to explain to my barber how I want my hair to be cut for some reason is impossible, I have yet to figure out why.  Maybe I just need to research haircut terminology, so I can figure out how to say what I am thinking.  Sometimes bringing in an picture can help.  This might be the first time I bring a picture of a female in, to maximize my chances of getting the haircut I want.

This is WhatAndrewMichaelsisdoingnow, seriously considering the possibility of the “Ellen look of 1999”.

  1. Meredith (Swigs) says:

    I think you have more Sawyer like hair (from Lost)! I take pictures of people on TV when I find a haircut I like. Are we both weird???

  2. Hey swig, Thanks for clarifying who sawyer is (from lost), I plan to move away from sawyer and move on to ellen…… the next time I decide to take the journey….

  3. Meredith (Swigs) says:

    Well I know it’s your favorite show but maybe I meant another Sawyer (not from Lost)!!! =)

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