The responsible nose picker.

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Things that get me thinking

The other day I saw a 7-year-old girl picking her nose. I was responsible for her during her epic public nose picking activity, but I decided not to say anything to her regarding this exhibit of instinctual behavior.

The main reason I chose not to say anything to her was because, as I was about to tell her to stop, I thought of how I pick my nose as well…… I did not want to be a hypocrite by telling her not to do something that I do myself, while at the same time I felt conflicted that I should address it to her.  After explaining this confliction to my girlfriend, she said that I should in the future, just say “Don’t pick your nose…… front of other people”.  I thought that this was a brilliant idea, and will be using that line from now on, with kids who haven’t reached the point yet of caring whether anyone else witnesses them picking some serious winners.

Why has nose picking gotten such a bad rap in our society?

Why do people “pretend” to think that it is disgusting to exhibit such a behavior? We have been wiping our asses for countless years, and our fingers definitely enter our assholes during this maintenance phase of our lives, even if we use a lot of toilet paper, your fingers are still essentially temporarily up your asshole.  And you mean to tell me that it is gross to pick your nose, when usually on a daily basis, we pick our assholes?

Why don’t we all just come out of the closet, in regards to nose picking?????

It is very possible to be a responsible nose picker, and you can achieve this in only THREE easy steps.

  1. After you pick your nose, you could responsibly wipe your snots in a tissue or sometimes on an empty soda can that you are about to recycle anyways, instead of somewhere on the couch.
  2. After you pick your nose, you could responsibly wash your hands, (which is what I occasionally already do after I wipe my ass, so it shouldn’t be that hard to transition over to nose picking.)
  3. And finally and most obviously, you could responsibly pick your nose when no one else is around to see such behaviors. (This last tactic is already exhibited by almost everyone, even the people who say otherwise )

This is WhatAndrewMichaelsisdoingnow, wishing that someday, we can all stop acting a certain way because of a socially expected notion, that it is gross to pick your nose, and we can become a bunch of socially accepted responsible nose pickers……….


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