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Posted: January 5, 2010 in LOST
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My post from today took a lot of things to occur in order for my theory of the day to be possible.  I ended up writing over five pages of background information which led to what I am about to talk about.  I want to thank Tim Forsberg for helping this theory be possible. Anyone who is interested in reading all this information is more than welcome to continue reading after my theory.

My theory is that, some parts of LOST were directly influenced by episodes of the Twilight Zone. Today I will be talking about one of the episodes.   I have pictures and a video clip to show you my claims. In the coming weeks I hope to show other examples.  Even if you are not a Lost fan, there is a lot below that does not deal with it that I hope you find entertaining, but be wary of possible spoilers of the show by reading this posting.

Twilight Zone:

There is a Twilight Zone episode that is called “The 7th Is Made Up Of Phantoms”.  In this episode, three Army National Guard soldiers in the 1960’s are in a mountainous desert region.  They discuss how the site that they are in had a massacre in the past involving the American Army and a Native American tribe which inhabited the land that they were standing on around 80 years ago.

In this episode:

  1. The soldiers stumble upon a tee-pee and enter it to see if anything is in it, and it somehow makes the three soldiers end up traveling through time, to the time of the massacre.
  2. The three soldiers come upon the Native Americans tribe which is in a valley around hills and mountains. The Soldiers are on the hills above the tribe looking down it.
  3. The Native Americans were the original inhabitants of this land that the soldiers entered.
  4. The Native Americans are not looking for violence, but the American Army causes the bloodshed to occur by trying to occupy the space for themselves.
  5. The Army that stumbled upon the native land owners were killed.
  6. Even the music around the time of the discovery of the tribe has that “DONG!!” noise that LOST does so well.  (All LOST fans know what I mean)


One of the many episodes of LOST that I absolutely loved was “JUGHEAD”.  This episode takes place in season 5 episode 3.  In this episode we deal with a lot and if it was not for me loving this episode as much as I did, I would not have been able to relate it back to a Twilight zone episode.

In this episode:

  1. Three of the main characters are traveling through different time periods on the island that they are on.
  2. The Three characters (John Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer) come upon the camp of the indigenous people of the island (The Others).
  3. “The others” were the original inhabitants of the land, and were there LONG before John, Juliet, and Sawyer (Unless you count the time they traveled in time briefly to the time of the Statue still standing, but that is nitpicking)
  4. “The Others” were not looking for violence and asked the military to leave peacefully, but weeks or months before this episode, the American Army causes bloodshed to occur by trying to occupy the space on the island for themselves, based on what Richard Alpert says in the episode.  (I do not think Richard is the lying type either, he makes me smile every episode he is in due to his awesomeness, total man-crush on my behalf in a non-sexual way)
  5. The Army that choose to come upon the native land owners were killed.

Here is a picture from from each show

Finally here is a short video of the scenes from both shows to compare

Maybe I am looking too deep into things once again.  Regardless, let me know by voting…..PLEASE GO ON TO READ MY 5 PAGES OF BACKGROUND INFO FOR THIS….

Here are all the things that happened, or didn’t happen to make this theory possible (Get ready for a lot of reading material).

There are lots of different things that came together in my life to provide this day’s blog.  I am going to really show you how my mind works and where the important key things came from that had to occur for this long blog posting to be created.  This took 29 years, 4 months, and 27 days until I had the proper information to post the information which I am about to provide.

Some of the stories have to do with childhood and how we make fun with what we have.  Some of the stories have to do with my friends in my life today.  Some of the stories have to do with my favorite television show.  Some of the stories have to do with television shows that aired over 50 years ago, and how I have just embraced them for the first time in 2010.  Some of the stories have to do with me looking too deep into things, as do most of my blogs.  But in the end after all these stories have been told, you will see from many different perspectives and experiences in my life, or other people’s lives that have ultimately caused me to believe that my favorite television show probably has had large influences from a classic television show.   In fact there is so much to write about that I believe upon completion of this blog entry, I will consider not writing for 2 or so days and take a break.

The many parts to this story concerning how I came to this theory are not needed to be explained, but the point of this part of the post is for you to see what actually has to occur in my life, for a theory like this to be thought up.  I like to use a lot of commas……hopefully this doesn’t distract you.

Part 1:   Tim growing up in a certain part of Johnston

Tim growing up in a certain part of Johnston in the 80’s was very similar to me growing up in Warwick, but with subtle differences.  We both today live in the same house that we both grew up in.  We have both seen our towns as they were, and how they are now, all while living in the same house today where all those memories came from.  We are both around the same age, and I think that we both have similar interests in what we find to be entertaining.  For instance, we both love the show LOST, but more on that later.

I was given subtle hints through the years that Tim grew up a little different than I did, but I did not ever question the hints because they were subtle.  I was provided with answers to questions I never asked because the hints were too subtle to question, just by casually talking with him on a day with no plans at all, January 1st, 2010.  And just by talking and listening, it opened my eyes up to new things.  One of those new things that have a very important role in this day’s blog is the show “The Twilight Zone”.  I can think of over fifty reasons why I DID NOT WATCH “The Twilight Zone” when I was growing up.  I can only think of two reasons why Tim DID WATCH the Twilight Zone growing up.

I met Tim Forsberg through my girlfriend Kerri.  One of her best friends, Christine, started to date him, and today they are married.  Kerri was fortunate to be the Maid of Honor for their wedding. Tim was a very nice guy when I met him and still is.  For the most part we had a similar childhood except for one thing that stood out to me upon talking to him.  Tim lived in a woods and lots of hills area of Johnston and it was not as populated an area that I grew up in, Warwick.  On top of this, there was no cable in his area in the 80’s, because they lived in a more remote area which was up a lot of hills to get to.  Looking back, I am sure plenty of people grew up without cable, but I did not ever think how that would affect what he or she watched without it.  Tim told me that when growing up, riding his bicycle down those big hills to a friend’s house was not a problem, but getting home was a workout in itself traveling back up those hills.  He said that when he was at school, other kids would talk about Nickelodeon, but he had no idea what it actually was.  Tim grew up watching “The Twilight Zone”, because it was on one of the three channels that got reception on his family’s television, in his house, in his part of the town.   The two reasons why Tim watched an exceptional show at such a young age, was because the other two stations had nothing of interest for him to watch.

Part 2: Me growing up with the best babysitter money can buy

I had and grew up with cable, which meant that I had multiple channels of cartoons, wrestling, sitcoms, Disney, HBO, or the occasional horror movie, that I just had to watch, even though I was crying later to my mother or father because I was too scared to fall asleep.  I had over 50 channels of variety to choose from, which meant that the last thing that I would want to watch, was a black and white television show about a bunch of different adults each episode, talking about things I thought were too boring to pay attention to, especially when I have over 50 other options to choose from.  Shows like this do not typically appeal to children who grow up with more options and children shows, and I think that only in certain situations, such as the one that Tim had, would a child sit down and be interested in watching The Twilight Zone (At least speaking for children of the 80’s).   (On a side note, think of as many television shows that have different characters for each episode of the show…..we could only think of Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside, Tales from the Crypt, and Amazing Stories…….Any others??????)  How incredible was it the first time you watched the opening credits to “Tales from the Crypt” as a child?  When the crypt keeper popped out of the coffin and was screaming and laughing diabolically, I knew that I was witnessing something extremely good or something extremely bad…..I only knew that I was witnessing……something extreme.

Thinking now, I would say I am envious of Tim, because he actually grew up with quality television viewing, and he probably sees instances in all different shows today, where it seems like the TV show he is watching got some inspiration from the Twilight Zone.  I was watching low quality garbage for the most part as a child growing up, and I could not imagine living without it at the time.  I was watching trashy wrestling, bad cartoons, Salute your Shorts (Donkey Lips or Budnick still occasionally occupy my thoughts, but this is only once in a great while), and I was known to occasionally watch “Hey Dude” or “Captain Planet” , if nothing else was on of course, even though I did not enjoy either one of those shows at all.  I would watch television for the sake of watching television, while Tim was only watching television when a good show was going to come on, even though I would not have agreed back then, that what he was watching was actually good.

Part 3: Tim and I in the present

Throughout the years when we would go over to Tim and Christine’s house, if a “Twilight zone marathon” was on a channel, it was almost sure to be playing on the television in the den.  I would always walk in and see that the Twilight Zone was on, but I would never consider actually watching it, or more importantly question why Tim loved it so much.  We all have sentimental things from our childhood and that was one of Tim’s.   Going back to the Wizard of OZ from a previous post, I think most can use this as an example that we can all relate to.  If you erase and take away all the magical experiences that you had as a child while watching the Wizard of OZ, and you were told to watch it as an adult for the first time ever, I feel that at least I would be in no rush to watch it again.  It is very apparent that all the actors acted differently in that time period, and unless you are introduced to The Wizard of Oz at a young age, I do not think it will be viewed upon as entertaining as you remembered it, in this day and age, with everything that has advanced, whether it is talent in acting, writing, special effects, and or directing.  It was us as children experiencing that fantasy, that joy, and sometimes that horror, that we remember from childhood that make us always think good things when we think of it and most people who grew up with it will watch it for at least a little while, when it is broadcasted on network television each year.  BUT…..when was the last time you actually took the Wizard of Oz and put it into your VCR or DVD to watch FOR YOURSELF?  You ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COUNT instances you put the movie in for your child, someone elses child, or because you were on drugs and wanted to match it up with the Dark side of the Moon.

The main difference that Tim and I have now is that:  When Tim sees that the Twilight Zone is on, he will watch it and still to this day be 100% entertained, unless of course it is a bad episode, which isn’t so bad since a new episode will start right up after it.  When I see that some piece of shit cartoon, or TV show is on all day long that I used to love, I will think in my head “I used to watch that show all the time, why the fuck did I like it so much?”, and I will not care to watch something that fooled my former child mind into believing that it was actually good.  I thought that growing up with cable was the BEST……THING…….EVER.  I did not know at the time that it was just offering me more channels of dogshit covered in colorful tasty frosting.  And the worst part about the situation was that I gladly ate that dogshit with frosting and loved every bite of it back then.  This is to the same extent to the state of what Hollywood has become today in all these remakes or flashy movies with no substance.  How many of you contributed to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?  You just paid for a piece of dogshit with some nice looking frosting.  I paid for it to see in IMAX, I also bought the Blu-ray, so you are not alone.  I still to this day eat dogshit every once in a while, but I have cut down substantially.

Part 4: Back to New Years Day

The day after New Year’s Eve, we seemed to be in no rush to leave Tim and Christine’s house, where we had spent the night.  The only plan that Kerri and Christine had all day was to watch the same exact movie later in the day when we were home and on our own.  I suggested that watch they watch it  together and then we do not need to leave right away, and they could do it together rather than go home, and then they do the same thing but alone.

Tim and I also thought this was a great idea since we would not have to watch the teenage romance vampire flick with them.  Since the Twilight Zone was on a Marathon and we were continuing out activities from the night before, on a day with absolutely no plans, I thought that on January 1st 2010 that I would embrace The Twilight Zone for the first time in my life ever.  The plan was simple; Tim would watch the episode with me and would try not to let me know his opinions of the episode until I spoke of it after the episode.  Then we would discuss during the commercials.  Some were very good, and some were not too good, but even when it was bad it would not matter because the experience was good up until the bad ending that made it a bad episode.  Even if an episode left a bad taste in your mouth, it didn’t really matter because a new episode is starting right up again.  There were two episodes in the 5 or 6 that I watched that I feel LOST has taken some inspiration from.

Part 5: LOST

LOST has been one of my favorite television experiences of my adult life.  Since the fall of 2004 I have been watching every single episode that has aired during the original airing.  A LOST fan truly gets the full on hatred towards obligated TV advertisements and commercials, when he or she is not able to fast forward through them. (Even more, we would all prefer an hour of LOST each week instead of 42 minutes, with 18 minutes of commercials)  On top of this, anyone who has been using a high definition set in the past 5 or so years understands how annoyingly loud the commercials can be in this day and age (especially if you use a stereo for your sound instead of the TV).  You have to turn the episode up because you cannot hear it well enough, then in the comfort of your own home; these advertising agencies absolutely FUCK with that comfort and well being.  You are comfortable and on the couch while you are enjoying your favorite show one second, and then you have been violated on your own couch, in your own house, on your own television set that you spent way too much money on, by the commercial companies who want to get your attention by blasting the sound way up, in comparison to the television show you are watching.  Luckily an act of congress has been made to address this issue.  I shit you not that, one of the problems that I have on a regular basis and feel the need to blog about, will hopefully one day be a thing of the past, because it will against the law.  I have been violated for the past 5 years, in my house, on my couch, watching my TV that I spent way too much money on, by the commercial companies, AND I HAVE BEEN SAYING IT FOR YEARS.   It is one of those satisfying wins for me, because I had gotten use to keeping my remote within grabbing reach of me during live events.  It was always in the back of my mind to prepare to turn down the volume.  Having to worry about things in the back of your mind, is something that we can all do without, and we would all enjoy what we are doing more, if we weren’t constantly thinking about whatever the hell it is in the back of our minds.  Soon it will be a thing of the past, and forever a part of my blog.

I tend to get off track with my writing, and sometimes wonder why I used to have such a hard time writing a three page paper in high school or college.  I can shit a three page paper today………..with the main topic of the paper being, The Act of Shitting.  My topics for this paper off hand would possibly be: good reading material to read while shitting, the art of knowing what type of shit is coming based on the clues your body is giving you, a friend who choose not to use toilet paper for over a year and how he managed to achieve this incredible act, typical things people might say out loud in order to help themselves through a difficult shit that seems insurmountable, or how you tend to have your feet or lower legs fall asleep if you take too long taking a shit along with my possible theories as to why this phenomenon of sleeping lower leg shitting syndrome may occur.  This might call for a future blog posting.

The commercials got me off track, and then the shitting thing did as well, because there is one exception to me not seeing an episode of LOST when it was airing live and that was the season 3 finale.  I was in St Thomas for one of my best friend’s wedding, His name is Andrew as well, but only if you are calling him by his nickname, if you want to call him by his real name you would have to say Steven.  It is so weird to consider calling him Steven, that I am not even sure if my best friend spells his name with a “V-e-n” or a “P-H-e-n”.  He married Kristin and I know through trial and error through the years that she spells her name with an “IN” and not an “EN”.  I was asked to be one of his ushers in his destination wedding, and I contemplated whether or not I should go because I would ultimately miss out on the live season finale of season 3 of LOST.  Of course I am kidding, I DVR’d it, and happily waited until I got home to view it, and I made sure not to look anywhere that may spoil it for me.  The conversation of “this is the LOST finale week” did come up a few times among the 40 or so people at the wedding, mostly not started by me, it was not my casual conversation with people to bring up if there was nothing to talk about.

I would rather sit in silence than have the same conversation over and over again with different people if I had the choice.  Unfortunately I do have the same conversation over and over again with different people occasionally and I never enjoy it, its a drag getting through it each and everytime.  Hopefully I can stop this from happening; all I need to do is stop bumping into different people, who for whatever reason seem to ask me the same fucking questions upon seeing me.  Come up with an original question the next time you bump into me please.  I promise even if I am thrown off guard by your question, and it takes me longer than normal to answer it, I will at some point come up with a unique answer for that unique question.

Once I took all the stuff out for my theory and moved it to the top of the post this story seems to end abruptly.  Anyways……….This is what AndrewMichaelsisdoingnow…….Talking about LOST,friends, life, memories of childhood, the twilight zone, the wizard of oz, Donkey Lips and Budnick,  commercials, awful television, weddings, and the act of shitting.  Good day to you all, I really hope this has entertained you, I might be taking a day off……..


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