Optimistically speaking on behalf of your favorite team during a critical play in a game

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Idiotic instances, Things that get me thinking
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I have never believed in jinxing a team based on what I say or what was said during an important or pivotal play, that is about to take place in a sporting event.  What the fuck is SO wrong with speaking optimistically about your favorite team, during a key moment of the game? Why do some people feel the need to tell you “not to say things like that”, if you say something regarding the positive outcome that your team can have?  You mean to tell me that some people truly believe that what I just said out loud in regards to my team, will ultimately cause the team to fail in the situation that has been presented to them in their game?

Somehow many sports fans do actually believe that; not only do you possess the ability to effect the outcome of the game in a negative way by the use of positive words, but you also possess the ability to be hundreds or thousands of miles away from that game, and remotely use this ability to affect its outcome when you are watching the event on tv, and are not actually at the stadium.

There is NOTHING wrong with speaking positively about your team at ANY TIME during the game. If someone says otherwise to you, just realize that they have some shit in their heads that they have yet to figure out, like rational thought. Explain to them what a wise man on a blog once told you, and try to persuade them to come to the other side.

I say that you should say things, like  “We will get a touchdown here”, when it is in the end of the 4th quarter.  OR, you should say “We will hit a home run and win the game” when its the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs.

Speaking positively about your favorite team during a crucial play has certainly gotten its bad rap for far too long.  It is better than speaking negatively about your team in the hopes of an anti-jinx to help your team through the tough situation.  And most importantly, it is MUCH better than sitting there quiet, because you actually fear the possibility of ultimately causing someone in a professional fucking sport to mess up the situation they are in with a fumble or a strikeout, all because you opened your mouth and used some words in the language that you speak.  If that were the case, we would all be professional fucking gamblers.  This is what AndrewMichealsisdoingnow, sticking up for people like myself, who feel they should not feel they are doing ANYTHING WRONG at all when they are speaking positively about their favorite sports team at any point during the game.


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