Are you the type of person who just goes with the shit that is presented to you? OR, are you the type of person who questions everything that is presented to you?  I fall into both categories, as do most of us.  I wish I had the ability to question more things that are presented to me, but I admit that I am a little too gullible most of the time.  I feel like the only time I am really creative with my writing is when I am questioning something,  that for one reason or another, is universally accepted.

Last night I got to thinking, while I was trying to accept what I was seeing.  Then I realized that what I was thinking is worthy of today’s blog.  I must say that as long as I keep thinking, it should not be too hard to find something on a daily basis to complain about, make fun of, or question.

What if Stephen Hawking is a fraud or just an act?

Why has no one else questioned this?  I do not doubt the achievements the man has made in the world of theoretical science.  What I do doubt, is the possibility that he may not be intelligent at all in the present,  even though he still gives interviews which make him seem very intelligent.

Every single interview that he gives today or in recent years is completely pre-recorded ahead of time.  Meaning, the weeks or days before an interview, his speaking machine is programed to say a specific statement.  He does not sit there at the interview and type away at his speaking machine for a few minutes to say 30 seconds of information regarding black holes, relativity, or something else my mind is really too inferior to grasp. Although that may make for some good tv.

What the hell would actually happen during this live interview, if the statement was incorrect in one way or another?  Would Stephen start flipping out in the middle of the interview, with defiance to the words which he was being represented incorrectly with?  Can Stephen Hawking flip the fuck out? Once again, this would make for good tv.

Even though my mind is too inferior to really grasp what he is explaining, it is superior enough to question the possibility that:


I will keep in the back of my mind for the rest of my life that Stephen Hawking is possibly one of the many hoaxes of the world we live in.  I do not expect you to believe this information that I have provided you, but I really hope you at least agree to the possibility that I am correct.  Until I see an interview where he types away on the machine with full video evidence that he is the ultimate cause for the words to come out of that machine, I am going to stick to my doubtful theory.

  1. Skeptic says:

    I for one believe he is a hoax. -Ph.D candidate.

  2. Adolph Spangheimer says:

    In one of the first video appearances I ever saw featuring Stephen Hawking, made prior to his getting a voice synthesizer, he was accompanied by a man who would “translate” his (to me) incoherent mumbles and grunts. It was revealed in the video that the “translator” was an astrophysicist, whose name I had never heard of and do not recall. At that time, my nasty, suspicious mind immediately wondered if Prof. Hawking was just a puppet, being used by his “translator” and possibly others as a way to garner public attention for some very esoteric and, for the average viewer, boringly incomprehensible ideas in science. You are the first person I have come across who dared to utter this thought publicly, Mr. Michaels — if that’s your real name!

    • You know Adolph Spangheimer, I question whether your name is real as well. If so then you have a pretty awesome name.

      Adolph obviously makes me think of Hitler, and that is kind of a buzzkill………BUT, Spangheimer reminds me of of Spangler from Ghostbusters. That then makes me think about my childhood in the 80’s, and how good of a time that was in my life. I had two good parents growing up. The only things I ever had to worry about, was the meaningless stresses one endures as they grow. Shit that is not worth stressing out over. I have come to realize that in order to realize something is not worth stressing out over, you must at first experience that stress. Then you can realize that there are more important things to be stressed over.

      In the present; I will never bite my videogame controller, REGARDLESS of what happens in the videogame. There was a time in my childhood that a videogame pissed me off enough to warrant my controller feeling the full strength of a 9 year old child’s mandible muscle.

      Bitemarks………ALL the fuck over my Nintendo controller.

      So I have grown in these 23 years since I was 9.

      All of these thoughts of my childhood steming from your last name almost make me forget about that whole Hitler thing.

      Regardless, it seems that we are being molded as a species by the extreme people who are part of our population. Hitler was an extreme of the bad kind. I guess anyone has the right to believe that a specific ethnicity is superior than others, since we should have the freedom to think freely and form our own opinions. But no one should feel they have the authority to try to kill off people who he feels is inferior than his chosen race.

      Stephen Hawking is an extreme in a much better way. This guy’s work has opened our eyes in the fields of science. We have no idea why the universe truly exists. Sure, it exists because of the Big Bang……BUT why was there a Big Bang?


      Stephen Hawking is an extreme in our species, who worked on answering the ultimate question that we can possibly comprehend. Kudos to that guy.

      What can I do in my life to achieve a positive extreme like Stephen Hawking?

      I am pretty average in most regards, so this might prove to be difficult.

      I want to create free energy. That would be fucking huge. Peeps would love me all over the world.

      This is my plan. Finances might prohibit me from starting now. But the idea will always be in the back of my mind that I need to create free energy.

      Adolph Spangheimer……it has been a pleasure.

      Andrew Michaels is my real name, but at the same time it is not my real name. And that is the truth! I shit you not……..

  3. Tiger Minds says:

    I’ve believed Hawking was a fake for some time, so I’m glad you were brave enough to post. His puppeteer act is a foreshadowing of how our robotic parents will deliver answers for us while we sit there like retards smiling at the camera, or crystal ball.
    – The best secrets are the fake ones.

    • Tiger Minds……

      Mistake me for a lot of things; but not that I am brave for stating such things on the Internet regarding our friend Stephen Hawking.

      For the most part we can say whatever the fuck we want (on the internet), without worrying about any repercussions. Sure, one could be an idiot and say something that could draw some serious attention from higher authorities.

      But that obviously takes a certain level of idiocy, and has nothing to do with harmless conspiracy theories I would choose to write about.

      The only reason I decided to write about this conspiracy theory was because I was high, while I was watching a television show featuring Stephen Hawking.

      It just didn’t make sense what I found myself sheepishly processing while watching him on tv. Don’t get me wrong……It’s very possible that he is controlling that supercomputer which helps him speak.

      BUT….. If he is not really controlling what he says, then that means someone else is.

      Who has assumed control of Stephen Hawking?

      Do they have good or evil intentions?

      I need to stop getting deeper into this conspiracy theory, it might draw attention from the higher authorities. I am changing the subject for all our safety!

      “Tuesdays with Morrie”…. That guy had ALS too like our friend Stephen. That Morrie really did seem like a nice guy. Such a touching story, and that guy understood life better than most.

      I remember one time when I was really into writing random stuff, I came up with a list of possible names for pornos in the necrophilia genre. One of them was “Tuesdays…Still with Morrie”.

      Another one was “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead women’s chests”.

      I don’t know which one I would rather have to watch (forced of course…). Either a dude doing a dead woman, or a woman doing a dead dude.

      That would be a rough decision to make. I guess I would rather see the naked chick who was alive. Makes sense from a fucked-up heterosexual perspective, right?

      But then that naked chick who was alive, would be in my nightmares for many years to come……

      IT’S A TRAP!

      And her eyes will probably glow red in the nightmare too.

      Fuck that…….

      Tiger Minds……thank you for reading and commenting on my site.

      I truly appreciate it….

      Andrew Michaels

  4. nadheer shah says:

    Did any one other than Stephen Hawking using this talking technology , or is this machine available to purchase ?

    • Hello Mr. Shah,
      Unfortunately I cannot help you, I have never seen anyone with this machine other than Stephen Hawking. You should try contacting his representatives. Google him, I am sure you could find someone to talk to. Good luck!

  5. steve says:

    I believe that he is a hoax and the government uses him to suite there own needs they have a puppet that they can make say anything they want and in return he gets huge fame and fortune for sitting there and doing nothing.

  6. jim ransom says:

    This senior citizen (76), okie born, honorable discharge (air force), 40 year employment in U.S. defense industry (calif), plus college education say’s, believe nothing you hear and around one half of what you see.

    Trust nobody especially your relatives, neighbors and most of all your friends. Shoot first and ask questions later.

    Live in a isolated location on a land parcel (mine is 10 acres) always carry a gun. Have cash in the bank, no debt and be a member of the V.A. Don’t vote or volunteer plus always ride your Harley alone never stopping except for fuel.

    This is who I am and is why I can see a phony like this little bastard hawking. His lips are moving, simple.

  7. lycan says:

    jim. i like that shit.winchester on the side of your harley.they always gonna feed the chicken with some shitty stuff .born to die skate and destroy.

  8. lycan says:

    master of puppet. dream theater.

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