Now you see a child molester, now you don’t…..

Posted: December 30, 2009 in commercials that get me thinking

A few years ago a headlight commercial came out and I always thought that it was just a bit odd or a little wrong.  I am sure that the intentions were totally positive with the creative team behind the commercial, but for some reason I always felt bad for the boy in this video.  Maybe I was looking too far into things when I came to my conclusion, that this adult male is definitely up to no good.  Please watch this 30 second video, then upon completion please hear me out below the video, and then possibly re-watch the video one more time.

  1. Why is a man standing in the MIDDLE OF THE DESERT with a young boy? On top of this he has his hands on the boys shoulders giving off the vibe of him trying to comfort the boy, and that  “It’s going to be okay, we are just exploring the vast void that makes up this flat plain in the desert…….I am not going to hurt you……By the way, just wondering,  you wouldn’t happen to have any cool birthmarks that you would want to show me, would you?”
  2. I understand that the next time you see him “he may not be alone”, but does he actually want to be witnessed by anyone during this dark time in the middle of the desert?
  3. Is there a pre-dug hole somewhere in the surrounding desert?  This I am not sure of, because the headlights although strong, are not strong enough to illuminate the whole desert which is in THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

This is what AndrewMichaelsisdoingnow, looking way too deep into an innocent commercial which I can only assume was meant to show father and son bonding time, with no camping or hiking gear whatsoever, in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Seriously, companies should hire someone like me to view their commercial before they air so I can rip it apart by asking questions like “So were you gearing this commercial to males ages 35-55 who like to take young boys into the middle of the desert for playtime?”  Please vote, so I know if someone actually reads my blog……

  1. Jessica Gardner says:

    hilarious. And creepy. I thought the same thing.

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