Really, Liza?

Posted: December 29, 2009 in Idiotic instances
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Have you ever seen Liza Minnelli’s performance of “You are not alone” at Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary All-Star Tribute to the King of Pop?  I have, and last night as I was witnessing it for the first time,  I knew that it would be the focus of my next day’s blog.

The video is provided below to save you any trouble from having to find it. Please watch the entire performance, seeing as I endured it last night for the sole purpose of talking about it to anyone who I can lure to my blog.  Take it in, try to embrace what she was going for………what was she going for? Maybe try listening to it with your eyes closed, just try to find some creative way to get through it, and then take my polls after viewing it.

After watching this video I have some questions or declarative statements which must be said.

  1. What the fuck was that?
  2. Is she to actually be taken seriously?
  3. Air kisses from Michael kind of creep me out.
  4. Does Liza just get a pass for everything she does because she is the daughter of the HIGHLY over-rated Judy Garland?  I am not saying that it was not hard to be Judy Garland. Infact I know it WAS hard being Judy Garland, because in the commercial preview for the “made for TV movie” based on her life, her character was  crying while she was yelling something to the nature of how  “It’s hard to be Judy Garland”

I am NOT saying that the Wizard of OZ is over-rated.  I understand that such a movie as this has a place in just about every single one of our hearts.  That being said I believe that Judy Garland was nothing more than a circumstantial actress who was in the right place, at the EXACT right time, upon getting the opportunity to play Dorothy.

The Wizard of OZ would have been just as good with another actress in the role of Dorothy.  Now if you were to ask me if the same theory applies when you replace the unique performances of the Scarecrow, Tin-Man, the Lion, or the wicked witch, I would say that our conversation has now developed into…….a serious fucking problem.

I have two polls which can help me out with more data on this information I have provided.  (Not that I think I have anyone actually on my blog to vote at this point.)Thank you for looking. This is what AndrewMichaelsisdoingnow, watching Liza Minnelli and ranting about her mother.

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  1. Chicken says:

    Liza is and always has been a train wreck. I would however would have enjoyed a cover of smooth criminal. I think she would have brought down the house with that one.

  2. That would be pretty awesome if she was in full smooth criminal atire, while performing the gravity defining lean……..

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