My bar rack display with LED lighting…..

Posted: December 28, 2009 in Buiding Projects
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I just finished making a bar rack display and wanted to show some of the pictures. I used red oak wood, opaque glass, and some led lighting strips on the inside to light it up. I saw different pictures on the web of these and decided that it seemed easy enough to make, it ended up only taking a few hours of actual work, but letting the stain and poly dry took up most of the time. I have lots of pictures so you can see different angles and colors lit.
Unfortunately I did not take build pictures like I did with my poker table, because this was just a spur of the moment build.  From now on anything else I create will show all the steps using pictures.  Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. thanks for looking!

the glass that I used was opaque×36-glass-shelf.html

The LED lights that I used were

LED Color Changing Mood Strip w/ 2 Strip Lights from (for some reason I cannot link to this page, just search it on amazon)


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