It’s all about me…..always hasn’t been, always wont be.

Posted: December 28, 2009 in ALL ABOUT ME

I am an above average individual, but by no means superior.  In fact I have no problem telling other people that they are better than me regardless in what area that might be.  I am currently in the process of writing my first publication, and once I finish it, I then just need to find a publisher.  My blog will include many things concerning my literary adventures as well as things I do in my life outside of writing.  My ultimate goal would be for my book to someday get published and this blog is a continuation of my adventures post success and fame.  The current title of my book as of today is called:

Random thoughts, quotes, and stories from a typical pessimistically optimistic individual.

The title may change through the months or years that follow, but I am kind of happy with it the way it is.  Now I just have to write a about another 860 pages of material……..

  1. Bill says:

    Good luck with the venture, Andy. You were born to blog.

    • Thanks Bill for the words of encouragement, I was also born for Man-tub time with you. (This may sound gay to anyone who does not know us). Maybe I can use some of your shotgun shooting practice videos you have on my blog…….

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